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Why Join us?.. Let see what our                 "Stars think"


"I love coming to Stylesstars because I really like singing and going on stage. I like to dance with my friends and the teachers are cool" 

 "I love Stylesstars because we get amazing opportunities such as performing in various theatres and outdoor shows. The atmosphere in rehearsals is great. StylesStars is like one big family. All the Teachers give us a chance and encourage us to try our best in all the fun activites. We also get the chance to try out different styles of dance which is incredible."

"I like dancing with all my friends, I like stylesstars dances and ella is really pretty"

"I love StylesStars because of the range of fun, scintillating activities we do. I like going every week to see the friendly, familiar faces of the teachers and also to see the friends that I have made there. I also like the opportunities we get such as performing in shows."

Rosie really enjoys coming to dance and getting more confident with others. 

"I like dancing and singing with my friends. Ella plays the best songs."


"We have lots of fun at Stylesstars, we get to play games and learn lots of dance. We meet new friends. It amazing!!"


"My Girlfriend and I joined Dance with a Difference 10 years ago, at the Gladstone Centre. 

I really enjoy dancing and making shows. I like spending time with all the people, and the teachers are great! 

I look forward to Dance with a Difference every week!"


"I love coming to Dance with a Difference because it helps my confidence and helps my dreams come true. I love performing seeing all the teachers and my friends."

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